Watch out Hongkongers, there’s a g…g…g…g…GHOST BUS in town!

A Hong Kong netizen going by the rather cool name of Twiggy Tang was a tad perturbed this weekend after seeing semi-transparent children in the windows of a bus near Kwun Tong Ferry Pier.

And let’s face it, there’s nothing creepier than children and buses at night.

On closer inspection, however, Tang discovered that the ghostly forms were in fact just a pretty aggressive advertising campaign by UK milk formula brand Cow & Gate.

Posting a photo to her Facebook page, Tang said she felt disturbed throughout her entire bus journey home.

Clearly others agree with her, as the post has been liked almost 3,500 times and shared more than 1,300 times since Saturday night.

Note to Cow & Gate: Dead children don’t sell well. 

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