VIDEO: Startling price comparisons between HK and US, with drone footage, obvs

Are you sick to death of reading articles about how expensive Hong Kong is? Well watch a video about it instead – problem solved!

Although we hate to promote sneaky advertising ploys, this little offering from ProfessorSavings.Com (there you go, guys) involves some pretty decent drone footage of Honkers as well as some rather startling facts.

For example, did you know that a Porsche costs ALMOST TWICE as much in Hong Kong than it does in the USA (USD240k/ USD 80k)? And it’ll also cost you ACTUAL TWICE as much (USD8 / USD4 per gallon of gas) to drive it.

Oh yeah, and office space rental in “downtown” Hong Kong (we assume that means Central) also costs ACTUAL TWICE as much as that in downtown New York (USD240/ USD120 per sqft).

That just seems crazy. We’d much rather work in the Big Apple than the Big Smog.

Still, at least our Big Macs are ACTUAL HALF the price of theirs. That’s all that really matters after all.

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