Video shows woman leaping from moving truck on Kwun Tong bypass

A woman caught on dash cam jumping from a moving truck on the Kwun Tong bypass following an argument with her boyfriend. Screengrab via YouTube.

A woman leapt from a moving truck after reportedly having an argument with her boyfriend, who was driving at the time.

Dash cam footage from a taxi trailing the vehicle captured the unexpected and shocking moment which occurred about 4pm Thursday on the Kwun Tong bypass, according to Apple Daily.

It’s unclear exactly what the pair were quarrelling about which prompted the abrupt and dangerous move.

Video posted online shows the woman, a 30-year-old surnamed Tsang, leap from left door of the truck’s cabin, fall at least a meter to two down to the road and crash into the concrete barrier.

Her boyfriend, a 33-year-old surnamed Man, stopped the vehicle and called the police.

The next shot shows were seemingly unconscious sprawled on the shoulder of the bypass.

Tsang reportedly suffered injuries to her neck and hand and was taken to hospital after police quickly arrived on scene.

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