(Video) Girl crosses road without looking, gets hit by taxi, thrown into the air, manages to get up and walk away

That she got back to her feet immediately seems remarkable.

A young girl, who dashed on to the road without looking, somehow walked away after being struck by a taxi in the New Territories, a blow that sent her flying onto the vehicle’s hood before flipping backwards and landing back on the street.

The footage, posted online yesterday morning, shows the cab driving along Po Tung Road, past Sai Kung Lok Kindergarten and its distinctive wall painted orange, purple and green.

As the cab approaches an island crossing, a girl in a black top and pale shorts can be seen running across just seconds before she is thrown onto the hood of the taxi and onto the road.

What looks like a mobile phone can be seen flying out of her hand and into the middle of the road.

She then gets up, and goes back to the sidewalk where she crossed from, and out of the camera frame.

Seconds later, two men from the bus stop on the other side of the road can be seen crossing the road, one of them can be seen holding his phone to his ear.

According to the time stamp on the dash cam footage, the incident took place just after 4:20pm on Tuesday, October 16.

The video originally appeared on a Facebook page called Cap9u, which shares mainly viral content, and has since garnered more than 58,000 views since it was posted online yesterday morning.

Netizens remarked that they were relieved the girl survived. Some suggested she should have been more careful while crossing the road, while others noted the taxi driver should have been more cautious around a pedestrian crossing.

“Even though there are no traffic lights at that crossing, he still should have slowed down,” one commenter suggested.

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