Be free, Bambi: Deer caught in gate rescued by firefighters (Video)

Photos via Facebook.

From baby finless porpoises caught in fishing nets to wayward puppies on the expressway — who doesn’t love a good animal rescue story?

Well, serial killers maybe. But for everyone else, we’ve got a good one: a video of what appears to be a muntjac deer, also known as a barking deer, being saved by firefighters after getting wedged in a gate on Ma On Shan.

Videos of the rescue (below) were posted by a local called Li Wong in a Facebook group for Ma On Shan residents.

The footage features several everyday heroes, like a firefighter with gloves who tries to comfort the wailing creature as well as a firefighter with a saw, who manages to cut through the metal bar and set the deer free.

Run, Bambi!


Along with the usual “well done, sirs,” a lot of Hongkongers were surprised — if online reaction is any barometer — to discover that there are, in fact, deers in Hong Kong.

Not only are they in Hong Kong, but muntjac deer are actually quite common in the city and widely distributed throughout the countryside, according to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) website.


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