(Video) 16-year-old sent to hospital following fight over parking space

Featuring the over-the-top anger and table smashing of pro-wrestling, but the unfortunate consequences of real life, an altercation over a parking space in Lei Yue Mun on Sunday saw a man arrested and 16-year-old boy taken to hospital after being kicked in the back.

Video of the altercation was first posted online to a closed Facebook group for traffic-related updates on Sunday, and has since been picked up several local media outlets.

The incident took place around noon yesterday on Lei Yue Mun Praya Road.

According to Apple Daily, a group of men were trying to park a vehicle, but were prevented from doing so because a woman and her two sons, who insisted the area was not for parking, stood in the way.

A group of men gang up on the trio and tell them to move, but they refuse to budge.

At this point, the driver of the car gets out of his vehicle and the group, spotting some chairs and a table next to a row of parked bikes, loses it.

As the group of men start breaking things, the woman can be heard shouting “what are you doing? Are you insane?” and telling them to stop breaking her things.

One of the boys — wearing a blue shirt and carrying an umbrella — tries to intervene but is then kicked in the back by one of the gang and he slips and lands on his backside.

According to Apple Daily, the 16-year-old boy was sent to United Christian Hospital for treatment, and the mother suffered minor injuries to her head, hands and back.

According to the boy’s father, who spoke to the newspaper, it’s not allowed to park cars or even offload goods at that particular spot.

The newspaper reported that police arrested one man at 9pm last night in connection with the incident.

According to hk01, the case is being treated as common assault and criminal damage.

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