Unoccupied yellow Lamborghini rolls down slope and almost crashes into LKF bar

Screenshot via Facebook video.

He probably rolled up in Lan Kwai Fong thinking he was pretty damn cool. 

But if you’re parking an ostentatious yellow Lamborghini on a hill in a crowded nightspot there’s at least one thing to remember: the handbrake.

CCTV footage from Tuesday night shows the simple fact that, like many people, gravity doesn’t care how expensive your car is, capturing the moment an unattended yellow Lamborghini begins rolling down a slope in LKF.

But what could have been an expensive — or possibly even dangerous — mistake appears to have only been an embarrassing one, with the sports car stopping just in time to avoid hitting punters sitting at the D26 bar and restaurant on D’Aguilar Street.

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 240,000 times, confused bar guests and Lan Kwai Fong party-goers can be seen gathering around the empty Lamborghini and wondering how it got there.

Just two minutes later, the car’s owner appears and reverses the car out of the bar.

Some netizens joked that the Lamborghini was probably a prize for the unsuspecting man sitting at the front of the bar, with one person saying “bought a drink? You’ve just won a Lamborghini!”

Others turned their attention to the owner, who had clearly lost whatever aura such a pricey machine afforded.

“If you can’t drive, then don’t buy a nice car” commented one netizen. “Money can buy you a nice car, but not a brain,” said another.

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