Retailer website glitch sees high-end electronics prices reduced by thousands of dollars

A screen shot from the Fortress eShop emphasising the ridiculous prices resulting from the glitch. Via Apple Daily.

They were bargains, technically.

A glitch on the website of a Hong Kong appliance retailer caused listed prices for electronic goods to plummet early yesterday morning, sparking a buyers’ rush which left e-outlet out of stock, well again, at least technically.

It’s yet to be announced whether the Fortress eShop will confirm the transactions — which saw products costing up to HK$40,000 (US$5120) sold for as little as HK$298 (US$40) —  as valid, according to Apple Daily.

The website glitch, according to the outlet, started about 2am on Thursday morning and wasn’t fixed until about 7am.

During that time, goods such as the Apple iPhone XS Max, Nikon Z6 camera and other high-end electronics were selling for a couple of hundred Hong Kong dollars, reported.

According to Apple Daily, Fortress has promised to contact affected customers though hasn’t given an indication whether the sales will go through.

Speaking to the outlet, barrister Albert Luk said whether the customers would have a legal claim to have the transactions honored depended on two points.

“The first, is whether Fortress received money from customers, the second, is whether it was caused by personal negligence,” he said.

The unintended super sale follows a similar website glitch from the mainland last month, when first class tickets for flights with Eastern Airlines were sold for around RMB100 (US$40) yuan.

After discovering the failure, the carrier announced the sold tickets were valid, according to People’s Daily Online.

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