Police looking for woman who lured man into apartment for sex in bid to rob him

The victim of an attempted robbery is escorted by police in Tuen Wan yesterday. Screengrab via Apple Daily video.

In a classic example of the old honeypot routine, a woman is wanted by Hong Kong police after luring a man into an apartment with the promise of sex so that her partner in crime could steal his belongings.

Officers were called to Tsuen Wan yesterday morning after receiving a call from a 63-year-old man, surnamed Lam, who said that a woman pretending to be a prostitute and another man had attempted to rob him.

According to Apple Daily, Lam was walking through Yi Pei Square at around 10am when he was approached by a woman who offered him sexual services.

Apparently being a pretty easy sell, Lam followed the woman into a subdivided apartment on Yi Pei Square, and as the pair started talking, a man — later identified as a 49-year-old surnamed Zhang — snuck in and tried to steal Lam’s belongings while the woman distracted him.

Lam spotted Zhang before he could escape and the trio scuffled in the doorway. While Lam managed to subdue Zhang and call the police, the woman fled the scene.

Zhang was arrested, and police are still looking for the woman, who is believed to be from the mainland.

Lam, meanwhile, was sent to the hospital for treatment after injuring his arm during the scuffle.

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