Mixed Martial Arse: 4 women file report against touchy-feely ‘instructor’ who hired them for viral pics

Photos: Facebook
Photos: Facebook

Four women have filed a police report against a self-styled “mixed martial arts expert” after accusing him of touching them inappropriately in a series of “instructional” pictures and videos that were widely shared online.

The women, who were hired by a so-called MMA instructor surnamed Leung to demonstrate “martial arts poses”, filed an official police complaint at Sha Tin Police Station this morning with district councilor Andy Yu and local singer Vangie Tang, who first drew public attention to the creepy coach.

On Sunday morning, Tang shared a number of photos taken from Leung’s Facebook page, “The MMA of Hong Kong”, which showed the man fondling his female students’ breasts and putting them in overtly sexual positions. In the caption, Tang slammed Leung as a “wretched man” who lacked the “respect and discretion” of professional coaches.

“There is no exercise, martial arts or otherwise, that requires so much — and such intimate — extreme physical contact,” Tang wrote. “Especially when it comes to male coaches teaching female students […] a professional coach would always ask for your permission before they touch you, and they would never press you up against a wall with their entire body [like Leung does].”

“If you ever feel uncomfortable, then they’ve crossed your personal boundaries. Even if you’re too scared to speak out about it right then and there, make sure you get out as soon as possible and tell people not to [work with this coach],” Tang advised.

“As for this wretched man (who definitely isn’t a coach either in his knowledge or his manner), I hope he hurries up and dies for abusing other people’s trust to sate his sexual appetite. He is without comparison in his beastliness.”

Tang ended the post by sharing links to Leung’s public and personal Facebook pages, and offered to help his victims report him. Within eight hours, Tang said that five women who claimed to have been molested by Leung reached out to her for help.

Leung responded by posting three videos of himself, in which he rambled about how he was promoting the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (which has been roundly refuted by a number of local Jiu-Jitsu trainers), claimed that the women were paid performers who “didn’t complain at all”, and asked why they didn’t “escape” if they had been molested. So you know, classic Victim Blaming 101 (which ironically seems like the only thing Leung is actually qualified to teach).

The man also criticized Tang for sharing his information and complained that he and his relatives had been harassed by netizens. He has since deleted both of his Facebook pages.

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