Man arrested for indecent assault after chase through Hong Kong MTR station by alleged victim

A man was arrested at Hong Kong MTR station after he was pursued by another man who accused him of indecently assaulting him on a train. Screengran via Apple Daily video.

A wild chase through an MTR station — videotaped by a man who claims he was sexually assaulted — ended yesterday with the arrest of the 38-year-old he accused of groping him in a train car.

According to Apple Daily, the incident took place at about 8am yesterday morning on a Tung Chung line train bound for Hong Kong station.

The alleged victim, “Ah Keung,” not his real name, told the newspaper he was taking the train to work in Central, and as the train doors opened, felt a hand — one he insists belonged to the man in question — brush against his groin region.

Ah Keung said at first he wrote the odd contact as incidental, telling the paper his immediate reaction was “no way, a man can’t be indecently assaulted surely?” Pro tip: Yes they can.

What happens next is … a bit odd.

As he walked through the walkway that connects Hong Kong and Central MTR stations, he noticed the same man walking close to him and suspected he was going to attempt touching him again.

Ah Keung told the newspaper that he immediately looked up and Lee walked away. Apparently, that was suspicious enough behavior to decide that the earlier encounter had, in fact, been something less than kosher.

It was at this point that Ah Keung confronted the man, who denied the accusation and took off. Cue the pursuit, which was filmed by the alleged victim’s cell phone.

Throughout the video, Lee can be heard saying “I didn’t do anything to you” as he is chased through the ticket barriers.

Four police officers arrive at the station to question Lee, and he was arrested on suspicion of indecent assault.

Given the seeming lack of evidence, it seems charges may not materialize, though an investigation could change that. For now, we’re left to wonder if our man Ah Keung’s initial instincts were correct, or if this will turn out to have just been an embarrassing incident for all involved.

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