Man arrested after climbing on top of taxi, dancing, and breaking windshield

Screengrab via YouTube.

It started with an attempt to hail a cab, descended into an destructive taxi-top dance, and ended in hospital and handcuffs.

Welcome to the latest instalment of people getting angry at taxis in Hong Kong.

This week we take you to Wan Chai where, at the junction between Wan Chai Road and Tin Lok Lane, two men on Sunday tried to flag down a cabbie around 9pm.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for our regular readers, things went downhill from there.

According to, the cabbie refused to stop for the pair because it was on a double yellow line, where vehicles are not allowed to park.

Unhappy, the pair ran after the taxi. While one man blocked its path, the other calmly reasoned with the driver and explained how he best thought the situation could be resolved in a dignified manner… ha, just kidding.

The 48-year-old, described in the article as South Asian, at first tried to wrench open the door before climbing on to the taxi’s roof and dancing around.

His friend in front of the taxi, meanwhile, mounted the hood and began kicking the windscreen with both feet.

The pair ended up smashing the taxi’s windshield and top light, while the driver watched on and called the police.

An Apple Daily video report of the incident shows the man on top of the taxi tumbling off backwards to the ground.

According to, the 48-year-old man was taken to Ruttonjee Hospital with minor head injuries. Oh yeah,  he was also arrested.

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