Mainland Follies: Ignoring skill tester etiquette, couple steals 23 toys by climbing into claw machines (video)

Screengrabs via Apple Daily.

The long arm of the law has dropped down caught a woman and her boyfriend in China for snatching toys by scrambling into a shopping mall’s skill testers.

Ignoring the traditional method of trying to clutch the stuffed creatures with the maneuverable claw, the couple staged a two-person operation to snag 23 items from the machines at a mall in Zhejiang province.

Aided by her slight frame, the woman climbed through the door of the skill tester, while her boyfriend stood guard.

CCTV footage from the mall in the city of Taizhou, show the woman in action, successfully yanking out a large Hello Kitty doll from inside a machine.

The pair were eventually caught, with police seizing the plush toy stash which included a Pink Panther, a Spiderman, and a Snorlax.

According to China Times, after the couple were apprehended, the petite woman said: “I used my own ability to grab them, what’s the problem?”

“Clever, me too,” said the arresting police officer, according to the outlet.

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