Mainland follies: ‘Friends’ pour Coca Cola, soy sauce and vinegar on groom as part of wedding hazing ritual

Screengrab vie The Paper.
Screengrab vie The Paper.

Coco Cola and soy soy works well for perking up chicken wings but, did you know, it’s also a great recipe for humiliating your soon-to-be-married friends?

In the latest wedding hazing ritual gone ridiculous, a group of men from the mainland have been filmed publicly basting their friend.

According to Shanghai-based website The Paper, the bridegroom in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan province, was stripped of his pants, made to wear a red gift bag on his head and tied to a lamp post while his friends doused him with  fizzy drink and condiments.

The incident reportedly happened on Friday, June 1, but video of the hazing appeared online on Tuesday.

The poor bridegroom was rescued after a cleaning lady came by and yelled at the wedding party.

In the video, she can be heard yelling: “Why are you causing so much trouble? Seriously,” and “noisy things! What a mess!”

At one point she yells at them to come back to clean up. One member of the wedding party obnoxiously replies: “You can take those home to eat.” #Dick.

The video is just another example of a wedding hazing rituals that take place on the mainland.

Known as naohun, the rituals stem from a traditional Chinese custom where practical jokes are played on members of the wedding party.

In recent years, however, China watchers have noticed that the practice has become increasingly vulgar, humiliating and violent.

In April, video from Hunan province shows a groom stripped to his boxers and with lashes visible on his back have salt poured on his wounds.

In November, another groom from Shanxi province was forced to wear red panties and stockings, tied to a lamp post while relatives and friends threw eggs and poured paint on him.

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