Mainland follies: Groom has eggs thrown at him while wearing panties and tied to lamp post as part of wedding ritual

Next year’s recently announced Royal Wedding has its lovers and haters, but whatever your views are on nuptials (royal or otherwise), we can all agree on this: Prince Harry should be thankful that at least his wedding is not taking place in China.

Video posted on mainland media shows one groom was recently forced to put on red panties and stockings, then tied to a lamp post. That’s when the real fun began, as friends and relatives can be seen pelting him with eggs and spraying him with paint. At one point a tub of what we’re guessing was black paint is poured onto him.

Netizens have described the incident as “vulgar and unsightly,” with some saying “I would rather be single.” One person even asked “did he still want to get married?

According to Sina Newsthe incident took place in Ankang, Shanxi province on Monday, and yes, the wedding still went ahead.

The incident was part of a wedding hazing ritual, known as naohun, a traditional Chinese custom where practical jokes are played on members of the wedding party.

The pre-wedding rituals also include a game sometimes referred to as “fetching the bride” or a “wedding gate crash,” where the groom and his groomsmen have to fetch the bride by completing a series of tasks set up by the bridesmaids. Tamer versions of these typically include eating unpleasant food or drinks, waxing a leg, push-ups and so on. Like this one in Northern Ireland:

However, China observers have noticed that the pre-wedding rituals and hazing have become more vulgar, humiliating and violent in recent years.

These incidents have included a bridesmaid being pinned down and groped by groomsmen in the wedding car while she pleads with them to stop, a best man being left with a bloody backside after he was tied to a lamp post with firecrackers tied to his rump, and in one case, three bridesmaids were cut in the face by shards of glass after groomsmen tried to force their way into their home to collect the bride… with an axe.

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