Mainland matrimonial mishaps: Bride’s bouquet toss causes ceiling to collapse

Screengrab via Weibo.

Lots of things can go wrong at a wedding; from drunk relatives to problems with securing a venue to a ceiling cave-in caused by the bouquet toss.

The latter, admittedly less common than most matrimonial mishaps, happened to a newly-married couple during a wedding banquet in the mainland last week when the bride literally brought the house down with too much flower power.

A clip uploaded online shows the moment the ceremony became a crashtastrophe, with ceiling panels raining down on guests and the frame holding them in place falling apart.

The video, which was first posted onto Shanghai-based website Knews on Friday, says this happened quite recently, but did not state where and when exactly this wedding took place.

Netizens were quick to chime in and cast blame at the building rather than the bride’s powerful toss, with many describing the venue as a “tofu-dreg project,” a saying in the mainland used to describe poorly-constructed buildings.

“It’s the hotel’s fault for having such a poorly built banquet hall,” said one.

Another, however, pointed out perhaps the groom could have picked a nicer venue.

“It was the husband’s fault for choosing such a cheap venue for the wedding,” they said.

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