Life in the Fast Lane: Wild boar spotted racing down highway

Screengrabs via Facebook video.

Faster than a speeding locomotive, able to leap moderately high cement barriers in a single leap, it’s … one incredibly badass Hong Kong boar.

We watched with a fair amount of wonder this morning at footage of the fast and fearless boar that was spotted running in the fast lane of a highway before changing lanes — no signal, of course — and making a heroic jump into the bushes to safety.

Video of the wild boar was posted yesterday under the caption “Pig-TR” — which in Cantonese would be pronounced “ju-TR,” a play on the name of the Nissan GT-R car.

It is not clear where precisely this video was taken, but some netizens suggested it looked a lot like Lung Cheung Road in Kowloon.

Unsurprisingly, plenty of online comments commented on the furry beast’s gazelle-like speed.

“I didn’t realize wild boars could run that fast,” said one netizen, while another quipped “that moment when the pig is faster than you.”

The one thing everyone seemed to agree on, however, was relief that the wild boar made it off the road alive.

The video was also shared by the Wild Boar Concern Group, who praised the drivers for making space for the wild boar to escape and not driving too fast, and reminded people that the city’s road safety laws regarding animals does not include wild boars, a fact they’d like to see changed.

According to section 56 of the Road Traffic Ordinance, a driver must stop their vehicle and call the police when they have been involved in an accident that has harmed an animal. However, this only applies to horses, cattle, asses, mules, sheep, pigs (the domesticated kind), and goats.

In January, there were calls to revise this ordinance after five wild boar piglets died following a hit and run with a car in Tai Mo Shan.

The vehicle that hit the piglets was nowhere to be found, but car parts were found on the road. Police ultimately decided not to investigate the incident as wild boars are not covered under the Road Traffic Ordinance.

Fancy learning a bit more about Hong Kong’s wild boar issues? Check out our hunt for “pigzilla” back in March, where we spoke with experts about the growing boar population and what the city’s options are for dealing with it. You can read it right here.

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