Last night in Tweets: How social media told the story of Hong Kong’s most recent Occupy clashes

Police and pro-democracy demonstrators clashed last night in what has been the most violent surge in the Occupy Hong Kong protests since the uprising first began on Sept. 28. 

Activists took over the tunnel on Lung Wo Road in Admiralty at around 11pm last night after their protest site on the road parallel was cleared by police as part of a two-day operation to remove barricades. A standoff ensued, finally resolving after violent scuffles, arrests and pepper spray at around 3:30am this morning. The road has now been cleared, and police have announced that 37 men and eight women have been arrested.

If you missed all the action because you were in bed like a normal person, here’s what happened, courtesy of that wonderful thing called Twitter. (Psst: follow Coconuts HK here.)


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