Just Keep Swimming: 3 endangered green turtles returned to sea by AFCD

In a rare spot of good news for Hong Kong’s marine life, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) just released three juvenile green turtles back into the sea today.

The globally endangered green sea turtles were found by members of the public between January 2014 and July 2016 at Pak Lap Beach, Silverstrand Beach, and a refuse collection point in North Point.

Following checkups from the AFCD, the young reptiles were taken to Ocean Park for rehabilitation until they were ready to be released back into the wild. The turtles weighed between 8.6 kilos and 34.5 kilos, and measured between 45 centimetres to 66 centimetres across their shells.

They have been microchipped, tagged, and fitted with satellite transmitters so the AFCD can keep track of their movements and feeding grounds. And we thought watching our pets through a nanny cam was too much.

The green turtle is believed to be the only species out of five turtles seen in Hong Kong waters that nests locally.

If you ever have the good fortune to witness one of these beauties, ring up the AFCD on 1823 to help the department protect them.

While the turtle found in North Point seems to have avoided eating any life-endangering rubbish, others have not been so lucky. Last October, Hong Kong recorded its first known instance of a green turtle dying after eating marine trash.

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