Jealous lounge singer pleads guilty to attacking and cutting off woman’s hair because of boyfriend

Defendant ‘Jessica’ Chang Chak-chiu arriving at court. Screengrab via Apple Daily video.
Defendant ‘Jessica’ Chang Chak-chiu arriving at court. Screengrab via Apple Daily video.

It’s one thing to warn a rival to stay away from your man, it’s another to punch them 10 times in the face, forcibly cut their hair and threaten to cut off their young daughters’ hands.

This, according to local news reports, is how 28-year-old lounge singer Chang Chuk-chiu dealt with her flatmate-turned-perceived-romantic-rival Chan Ka-man, 40, after becoming convinced that Chan wanted to steal her boyfriend.

Chang yesterday pleaded guilty at the District Court to charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, wounding with intent, and criminal intimidation related to the jealousy-fueled clash, which first kicked off at their shared flat in Siu Sai Wan on April 23 last year.

According to reports by Apple Daily and, Chang — an unemployed transgender female undergoing hormone treatment who goes by the name Jessica — was having drinks with Chan at the apartment when things got heated.

The pair appeared to have been previously on good terms. Chang had only weeks earlier invited Chan, a mother of two daughters, to stay with her after the latter broke up with her husband.

But, as they enjoyed their Sunday nights drinks, Chang’s boyfriend came by to collect some clothes, and a few comments from Chan, noting his handsome looks, turned the situation sour.

After the boyfriend left, Chang accused her flatmate of attempting to seduce her partner.

Chan’s response — “I don’t think you’re pretty, I think I’m prettier than you” — sent Chang into a rage, prompting her to punch the older woman in the face 10 times and grab a pair of shears, which she used to cut off her hair.

According to Ming Pao, police got involved after Chang posted photos of her shorn rival on Facebook, describing Chan as being in an “ugly state.”

Chang was arrested and admitted to hitting Chan. This, however, wasn’t the end of the dispute, which flared again four months later with another violent clash at the apartment.

In that incident, Chang accused her flatmate of injuring her thigh. It was Chan, however, that ended up in Kwong Wah hospital with injuries to her left leg, knee, and skull.

And if she thought hospital would be a place to get away from it all, well she was wrong.

While admitted, Chan received a phone call from a male friend of Chang’s, who blamed her for the animosity, asking her how she could upset her friend so much and, further, suggesting she make things up to the woman who, it seems important to stress, had repeatedly attacked her.

Needless to say, “friend” appears to be stretching things a little, particularly given during the call, Chang — who was with the male friend — grabbed the phone issued another threat.

“I’m going to cut off your daughters’ hands, they like to draw pictures,” she allegedly told Chan, who later called police.


Sentencing is expected to take place on October 3, pending a background and psychiatric report on the defendant.

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