JAWESOME! Pair of meter-long sharks (?) spotted in Sai Kung

UPDATE: A zoologically savvy reader has informed us that this photo may in fact be of a very large mackerel – not a shark – perhaps of a Scomberomorus commerson specimen.

A Coconuts HK reader sent us this photo, taken by Adri Blumberg, of what seems to be a shark spotted in Sheung Sze Wan in Sai Kung this morning.

According to our reader, two sharks (or shark-like creatures) have been seen in shallow waters near a beach over the last few days. The sharks, thought to be of the same species, are reported to be about a meter long with blue dorsal fins and black and white stripes

For those with galeophobia (a fear of sharks, of course!), fret not. It’s actually a great sign that sharks are back in Hong Kong waters. If there are sharks, there are fish. And if there are fish, it means our seas are doing okay! 

Scientists estimate that 100 million sharks are killed by humans every year, and Hong Kong is the world’s biggest trade hub for shark’s fin. If anyone should be scared – it’s the sharks! 

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