ISIS is reportedly recruiting Indonesian domestic workers in Hong Kong

Recruiters for ISIS, an Islamic extremist rebel group, have reportedly being targeting Hong Kong’s Indonesian helpers.

A maid agency told Oriental Daily that many Indonesian domestic workers received what appeared to be recruitment leaflets for ISIS on Sunday.

The pamphlet encouraged domestic workers to join ISIS, which said it would send them to “do things” in Xinjiang province, but did not specify what they would be doing exactly.

Perhaps in a bid to appear relatable to domestic workers, the leaflet features a black and white photo of a dozen women wearing niqabs and holding a large ISIS flag.

“Their way dressing [in the photo] is not the most virtuous, but it is definitely the most covered,” says text in Bahasa Indonesia.

“On March 2, ISIS will be in Hong Kong to distribute pamphlets and recruit members.”

The text in Chinese says “There is no god but Allah” and “Muhammad is the true lord’s messenger”.

A staff member of an Indonesian domestic worker group believes ISIS began sporadic canvassing activities in Hong Kong two years ago with the help of one or two recruiters, according to Oriental Daily.

But they said that recently, however, a lot more recruiters have been showing up at popular hangout spots for Indonesian domestic workers, causing many to worry. 

A lawyer told Oriental Daily that handing out religious pamphlets is not illegal, but if there is evidence that the related organisations are involved in terrorist activities, or intend to plan terrorist activities in Hong Kong, then it is an offence.

A police spokesperson said they have no reason to believe Hong Kong will become the target of a terrorist attack.

Photo: Oriental Daily

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