Hot out here: Man caught taking skinny dip in fountain outside shopping mall as temperatures soar

Screengrab via Apple Daily video.

In case you didn’t notice, it’s hot this week. How hot is it? Hot enough for a middle-aged man to strip off and take a skinny dip in a fountain outside the mall.

We’re not quite sure if the man, believed to be 40- to 50-years-old, confused the fountain outside the Pioneer Centre shopping arcade for a free sauna or swimming pool but, either way, no one appeared to be bothered by it.

Speaking to Apple Daily, eye witness “Jason” said: “So many people were walking past him and they paid no attention to him, he even knew I was filming him.”

Jason said he saw the mystery man at about 1am on Thursday morning and watched him for about 10 minutes, as one does in these situations. He told the newspaper he wasn’t sure what became of the unperturbed paddler, who presumably went home feeling refreshed though possibly also itchy.

The mystery man in the fountain was not the only one to feel the heat; the Hong Kong Observatory raised the hot weather warning at around 6:45am today and the next few days are going to be scorchers.

This week, the minimum temperature will hover around 27 to 28 degrees Celsius, and the is mercury expected to reach the 33 degrees mark over the next few days.

Stay cool and hydrated, folks.

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