Hong Kong has the longest working week in the world, study says

Working nine to five sounds pretty darn good right now.

Out of 71 global cities listed in the “working hours” index of UBS’ annual “Prices and Earnings” study, Hong Kong came dead last by a pretty hefty margin, with an average of 50.11 hours spent at the workplace per week. 

Data was collected from 15 professions in business, construction, and education sectors, to name a few.

Apparently Parisians have it best, clocking in at an enviable 30.84 hours with the shortest work week. But the rest of the continent’s not far behind, as the top 18 cities which spend the least time working are all within Europe.

Based on the reported stats, the Hong Kong workforce toils for 38 percent longer than the global average, 50 percent longer than Londoners, and 62 percent longer than Parisians.

Annually, Parisians work an average of 1,000 hours less than Hongkongers. Excuse us as we cry inside/check flights to Paris.

In regards to paid leave, Hong Kong workers take an average of 17.2 paid days off per year, whereas the global average is 23 days of paid leave per year. 

The shortest working weeks:

1. Paris: 30.84 hours

2. Lyon: 31.36 hours

3. Moscow: 31.67 hours

4. Helsinki: 31.90 hours

5. Vienna: 32.26 hours

6. Milan: 32.51 hours

7. Copenhagen: 32.63 hours

8. Luxembourg: 32.75 hours

9. Vilnius: 33 hours

10: Brussels: 33.01 hours

Aaand, the longest working weeks:

62. Bogota: 40.30 hours

63. Jakarta: 40.42 hours

64. Taipei: 41.17 hours

65. Nairobi: 42 hours

66. Dubai: 42.03 hours

67. Bangkok: 42.13 hours

68. New Delhi: 42.57 hours

69. Mexico City: 43.48 hours

70. Mumbai: 43.78 hours

71. Hong Kong: 50.11 hours


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