HK’s perfect gentleman seeks woman to enjoy his company, pay rent

We searched in Gentleman wikicommons. This picture called Gentleman in a Brown Frock Coat by American painter Micah Williams (1782–1837) came up. Does the trick.

Beginning his pitch with the ever-endearing “Hi Ladies,” a self-described “perfect gentleman” has taken to Facebook to offer a “very unique arrangement” to the women of Hong Kong.

Put simply: Help pay his rent and be his live-in partner.

Though we’re not usually in the business of running personal ads, Coconuts HK does fair trade in chuckle-worthy commodities spotted on social media.

And with a sense of self-worth bordering on satirical, the post on Expat Women of Hong Kong, which has been doing the rounds on social media, was too good to ignore.

For the monthly rental fee of HK$12,000 (about US$1,530), you can share the company of a “fit and athletic” 39-year-old, non-committal banker who’s down for being “cozy” but absolutely not looking for a committed relationship.

The dream, right?

Benefits include “stunning views of the sea and airport runway” from his spacious three-bedroom Tung Chung apartment.

“This is a great arrangement for both of us in the ever increasing costs of HK and the stressful/lonely life here,” says the “very open, honest and practical” male.

“In return you will get the company of a perfect gentleman who can double up as your live-in partner, flat mate and also can share a cozy relationship which can make your stay in HK worthwhile.”

Always looking to make our stay in Hong Kong more worthwhile, Coconuts HK — described as clammy and uncomfortable — is attempting to reach out to #perfectgentleman.

The airport runway, that’s the clincher for us.


One thought on “HK’s perfect gentleman seeks woman to enjoy his company, pay rent

  1. What is wrong with this post? Just imagine this post came from a lady and was open to Gents….how would this have been perceived?

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