Hassle-Free Healthcare: Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital launches transparent, all-inclusive medical packages

Photo: Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital
Photo: Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital


The world of healthcare can be a confusing place, and Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital (GHK) gets that. That’s why Hong Kong’s state-of-the-art private hospital has launched a new series of all-inclusive medical packages. If you’re considering a procedure, or if you just want to have peace of mind if and when you require a hospital visit, then read on and see how these fixed price packages are different.

Photo: Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital

Fixed price all-inclusive medical packages offer peace of mind

GHK’s new medical packages offer transparency and peace of mind. Because each all-inclusive medical package is fixed price, it covers the doctor’s fee, standard room (two-bedded) charges, procedures and treatment charges, operating theater charges, anaesthetic, nursing care charges, and all medications, equipment, consumables, implants and even meals during your prescribed length of stay.

While staying in other hospitals, you might not be clear of your bill until you’re about to go home, but at GHK each package is transparent and you’ll be able to fully understand all costs involved before you are admitted. You won’t have to worry that your procedure will go over budget and you can simply focus on recovery.

To further help patients manage costs and make informed decisions, a fee advisory service is offered to all patients before admission.

Photo: Gleneagles Hospital
Photo: Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital

Packages include standard rooms for privacy and comfort at minimal rates

GHK’s all-inclusive packages include their relaxing two-bedded standard rooms, which offer a high degree of privacy and comfort. And of course, the rooms come with free wifi and LED TVs with cable as standard.

Apart from the two-bedded standard room, GHK also introduced the one-bedded semi-private room, which comes with all the amenities of the standard room (with the extra privacy) and a private bathroom.

Photo: Gleneagles Hospital
Photo: Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital

Choose from over 120 all-inclusive medical packages

GHK has launched over 120 packages, including Endoscopic, Gynaecological, Orthopaedic, Urological, Ophthalmic, and Cardiology procedures. Even more packages will be introduced soon.

Take one package, Endoscopy, as an example. Choose from a variety of endoscopy services, including gastroscopy, colonoscopy with IV sedation or MAC. If you plan to have a colonoscopy procedure with or without a biopsy, GHK offers multiple packages to choose from. If a biopsy is recommended, you will be charged according to the package listed, which is either no more than 3 polypectomies or more than 3 polypectomies, no matter how many polypectomies you require. Why is this innovative, you ask? It’s because it is common practice for hospitals to charge for each polypectomy, but you will never know how many you will have to remove until you are actually in the operation. GHK’s packages allow patients to understand their bills before the operation.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out all 120 all-inclusive medical packages offered at Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital, conveniently located just minutes away from Ocean Park MTR station, and look forward to peace of mind at your next hospital visit.

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