Future lawmaker and activist Eddie Chu forced to live in hiding after receiving ‘credible death threats’

Eddie Chu, who won a seat in the recent LegCo election by a landslide with 84,142 votes – the most received by any candidate – has moved into a safe house with his family after receiving several “credible death threats”.

Police began providing the family with round-the-clock protection yesterday evening, while Chu’s young daughter has temporarily stopped going to preschool in light of the alleged threats.

In an official statement, the police force said that an investigation into Chu’s claims was underway. “Police attach great importance to the personal safety of all citizens. Any intimidation […] will not be tolerated,” the statement read.

Speaking to reporters on the steps of the Hong Kong Police Headquarters in Wan Chai yesterday afternoon, the anti-establishment activist told reporters he hadn’t returned home ever since the election took place on Sunday.

Standing amongst prominent pro-democracy figures like Nathan Law, “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung, and Paul Zimmerman, Chu said, “We still believe that Hong Kong is a place with freedom of speech.”

“But when a future LegCo member with 84,121 votes cannot return home because of death threats brought by his political views, we can no longer say that there is rule of law. All Hong Kong citizens would fear for their safety, and all of the people who voted would be extremely angry.”

His lawyer, Michael Vidler, said, “Mr. Chu has been receiving threats to himself and his family since his announcement of his candidature for the legislative council seat. Recently, however, these threats have dramatically escalated, and now constitute what we believe to be credible death threats against himself and his family.”

On Sunday morning, Chu livestreamed footage on his Facebook page of two vehicles which had apparently followed him and his campaign team from his home to the polling station.

Chu, who won a LegCo seat for the New Territories West constituency in the just-passed election, has vowed to fight “collusion” between the government, businesses, triads, and powerful rural affairs body Heung Yee Kuk.

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