Floods, fallen trees, and more: Typhoon Hato’s trail of destruction as seen on social media

(L-R) Waves crashing onto the shore at Heng Fa Chuen housing estate, a Sai Kung resident kayaking through a submerged parking lot, and a crab which was washed ashore at Heng Fa Chuen. Photos: Facebook
(L-R) Waves crashing onto the shore at Heng Fa Chuen housing estate, a Sai Kung resident kayaking through a submerged parking lot, and a crab which was washed ashore at Heng Fa Chuen. Photos: Facebook

Hong Kong went into lockdown today after Typhoon Hato tore through the city with hurricane-force winds and heavy rain. Pictures and videos of floods and fallen trees have made their way onto social media to show dramatic scenes from the worst storm in five years.

The Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) hoisted the No. 8 Gale Signal at 5:20am, which was upgraded to the rare No. 9 Increasing Gale or Storm Signal at 8:10am, and bumped to the highest storm signal available, No. 10 Hurricane Signal, at 9:10am. The city has not seen a T10 since 2012, when Typhoon Vicente struck.

Coastal areas were hit badly by the storm, with severe sea water flooding reported in Siu Sai Wan, Aberdeen and Kennedy Town. In Heng Fa Chuen, waves as high as five meters were seen hitting the promenade, causing knee-high floods in the area.

The housing estate was flooded particularly badly as it is one of the lowest points of Hong Kong Island. Flooding in its underground car park reportedly reached the ceiling, while the curb of the promenade was reportedly cracked by crashing waves.

Floods were also reported in the Lantau fishing village of Tai O, the fishing village of Lei Yue Mun, and parts of Tai Po and Sai Kung. Firefighters and police were sent to save people who were trapped in their homes and bring them to safety.

天鴿襲港期間,前線警務人員、消防處與及其他提供緊急救援服務的人員仍然堅守崗位,為市民服務。Nothing can deter us from keeping this city safe, not even severe Typhoon Hato.#香港警察 #颱風 #天鴿 #無懼風雨 #服務 #消防處 #緊急救援服務

香港警察 Hong Kong Police 发布于 2017年8月22日

【ATUM攝影】他們,走在前線當有些人歡喜十號風球突然多了一天假,不要忘記,在暴風雨下,仍然有很多人,不懼危險在前線工作,向他們致敬。攝:ATUM Images#ATUM攝影 #十號風球 #前線 #致敬

ATUM Images 发布于 2017年8月22日

Travelers were stranded at the airport as a total of 450 flights were canceled, according to the Airport Authority. Even those who had landed in Hong Kong safely in the morning were unable to leave the airport, as the Airport Express was suspended for most of the day.

In Hung Hom, a suspended working platform was filmed swinging wildly in the wind and smashing into the windows of four luxury apartments.

Screenshots: Kenny Lai via Facebook

In Central, the windows at Hang Seng Bank HQ suffered a similar fate, with full panes of glass seen falling from the skyscraper from the sheer force of the wind, and shattering on Connaught Road Central.

In Sai Kung, one person braved the floods by kayaking through a partially submerged parking lot:

While most shops were closed for the majority of the working day, some Hongkongers managed to get their hands on some uber-fresh seafood when it got washed ashore. There was the ever-prized abalone:

【天鴿襲港】風雨後海邊「尋寶」 市民執逾半打鮑魚加餸「天鴿」為本港帶來廣泛破壞,但仍有市民在風暴過後「尋寶」。西環海皮平日是「打卡」勝地,每逢遇上颱風更會吸引不少人到該處追風,感受颱風威力,有市民在Facebook上載圖片,稱風暴後在西…

Franky Leung 发布于 2017年8月23日

Live crab:

And even a sea urchin:

「激烈的海膽」無辜辜被天鴿沖上杏花邨,孤獨的身影躺於馬路,好像訴說出生命的無常…..#信報 #天鴿襲港 #杏花邨

信報財經新聞 hkej.com 发布于 2017年8月23日

That isn’t all that washed on shore, however. Heng Fa Chuen, Nim Shue Wan, and Mui Wo were all hit by waves of marine rubbish, including the huge lumps of palm oil which have been plaguing Hong Kong’s beaches for the past few weeks.

天鴿說:「請岸上的人,看看香港海洋垃圾… 」相片來源:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1629974983882844/#海洋垃圾#減塑日常

搞乜東東发布于 2017年8月23日

By 1:45pm, the Observatory said Hato had made landfall over Zhuhai and was weakening as it gradually moved away from Hong Kong. Police told AFP that one 83-year-old man died after he fell into the sea, while over 120 people were injured. According to the government, 466 fallen trees, four floods, and one mudslide were reported by 3:30pm.

At 2:10pm, the T10 signal was downgraded to a T8, which was replaced by a T3 three hours later. The No. 1 Standby signal was in force from 6:20pm until 8:40pm, when it was lowered.

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