Fifteen arrested in child pornography bust, 27,000 photos and videos seized


Hong Kong authorities arrested fifteen men and seized over 20,000 photos and 7,000 videos of child pornography in a citywide operation against sexual abuse of minors.

Police began raiding the homes of 20 suspects at 6am yesterday as part of the anti-child pornography operation, codename HURDLER. Apple Daily reports that 15 Hong Kong men, aged 20 to 53, were arrested.

Police told reporters that one suspect alone had over 23,000 pornographic photos and videos of children on his computer. At the time of writing, none of the children pictured have been identified as local, SCMP reports.

Senior police inspector Fan Chun-yip, of the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau, said there was no indication so far that the suspects were intending to sell the pornography for profit.

Those convicted of possessing child pornography are liable to a maximum penalty of five years’ imprisonment and a HKD1 million fine.


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