Another district council candidate attacked while canvassing in North Point on Saturday

District Councillor candidate Jocelyn Chau was assaulted by a man while she was canvassing in North Point. Photos via Facebook.
District Councillor candidate Jocelyn Chau was assaulted by a man while she was canvassing in North Point. Photos via Facebook.

A second female pro-democracy candidate running in Hong Kong’s upcoming district council elections was sent to the hospital after being attacked while canvassing on Saturday evening.

Jocelyn Chau, was canvassing in North Point on Saturday evening when a middle-aged man and woman approached her booth at around 8:15pm.

According to a Facebook post by Chau, the man tore up her election leaflet in front of her, prompting Chau to ask him not to litter. During her encounter with the man, Chau wrote, she was punched twice in the head.

Chau started filming the pair shortly after the leaflet incident, and the man can be heard in the video asking “Where do I dump it?”, referring to the litter, before appearing to punch Chau as she followed him down the street.

In the video, Chau can be heard saying, “You punched me,” to which the man replies, “I punch you, so what?” His female companion adds, “Call the police, then.”

As Chau continues to follow the pair, telling the man, “Sir, please apologize to me,” he lashes out again, appearing to punch her a second time, at which point the middle-aged yells, “What’s the matter with you?”

“You came after me and hit me, and you’re asking what’s the matter with me?” Chau replies.

Before leaving the scene, the man can be heard threatening Chau, saying he would return wearing a mask to attack her again.

Chau was taken to Ruttonjee Hospital after reporting feeling dizzy and nauseous. In a subsequent Facebook post published last night, Chau thanked everyone for their concern and said she was now back at work, and pledged to work harder to make Hong Kong a better place.

感謝各位街坊和市民的關心,阿欣已經重投社區工作。痛楚會消去,傷口會癒合,但社區的問題不能再拖延。「我雖然走過死蔭的幽谷,也不怕遭害,因為你與我同在,你的杖、你的竿都安慰我。」阿欣一直以這句話作為這個艱澀時刻的座右銘,在此也想用作勉勵此刻的香港人。香港人,堅持下去,事情必會有轉機。阿欣會與你們一起努力,令社區變得更好,令香港變得更好。選舉廣告 l 1 l 自家製作

Posted by 城市花園 仇栩欣 Jocelyn Chau on Sunday, October 13, 2019

Police did not respond to Coconuts HK‘s request for comment regarding the incident as of press time.

News of Chau’s attack comes just days after another district council candidate, Leung Hoi-ching, was also sent to hospital after being struck in the back of the head by another mysterious assailant in Kwun Tong.

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