Dad has meltdown in McDonald’s after discovering he missed out on burger offer (Video)

Screengrab via Facebook video.
Screengrab via Facebook video.

Giving his young daughter a crash course in how grown-ups deal with disappointment, a middle-aged man unleashed a verbal tirade and scuffled with a patron upon being told he’d arrived too late for a special deal on McDonald’s burgers.

“Why does everyone get a burger except for me? Everyone here has burgers!” thundered the man after learning the outlet, somewhere in Hong Kong, had run out of burgers.

Filmed by an onlooker, the man’s volatile eruption  — which followed him learning that he’d missed out on the chance to buy two burgers for HK$10 (US$1.30) — somewhat amusingly contrasted with how his adorable daughter handled the situation.

Tethered to her father on a wrist leash, the young child stands by calmly as her old man makes a scene, aggressively asserting that the McDonald’s website had guaranteed the special price would run all day.

“Can’t you read?” he yells, using his phone to bring up the webpage before dropping the device on the ground.

Headline Daily posted a longer version of the video shared on social media that shows the dad getting into a minor scuffle with one of the restaurant patrons as staff try to tell him to calm down.

In the two-minute video, a customer is heard scolding the dad for setting a bad example to his daughter.

“What business is it of yours how I teach my daughter?”

Solid role model.


The dad was trying to take advantage of of a series of one-day offers by the American fast food giant, which earlier this week included nine chicken McNuggets for HK$10.

One person who took advantage of that offer was a Hongkonger named Joe whose friends challenged him to eat 90 chicken McNuggets in 90 minutes.

Thousands of people tuned in to watch the Herculean effort, which was live-streamed on Facebook, and as of this afternoon, more than 411,000 people have watched the video.

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