April Fools’: Airline offers a ‘taste of Hong Kong’ with dim sum on a plane

Some April Fool’s Day jokes are in good humour, some, though, are just cruel.

As far as we’re concerned, Hongkongers got a taste of the latter yesterday when local carrier Hong Kong Airlines dangled a mouth-watering pledge to serve Cantonese-style brunch on its long-haul flights.

Passengers, they announced on Facebook, would now enjoy signature Hong Kong dishes like roast duck, barbecue pork and  everyone’s favourite dim sum accompanied by candies and toys for good measure.

Finally, thought everyone, an airline experience to get excited about.

Photo via Facebook.

Then the crushing April Fools Day ‘reveal’ came, because of course the notion  of expecting delicious food on an airplane was absurd and not to be trusted.

Nice one, Hong Kong Airlines.

In other April Fools Day “news” around town, Webb-site, a website run by activist and share market analyst David Webb, posted an “exclusive report” that the Hong Kong government will be launching a “Christian bond” in order to promote the city as a “Christian finance hub.”

US insurance company AIG, meanwhile, offered customers in Hong Kong an alien abduction insurance plan, with a HK$10 million limit or cryptocurrency equivalent (US$1.27 million).

The plan, you see, would cover all the expenses needed for Hong Kong’s top scientists to negotiate alien ransoms where necessary, and protection for pets, except for chihuahuas.

AIG says this is because chihuahuas look like aliens, and therefore may try to rescue them thinking they are one of their own.

The insurance plan also does not cover alien abductions in Peng Chau, because “if aliens wanted to land in Hong Kong, they would choose a beautiful place like Peng Chau, therefore we cannot afford this risk.”





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