4-month old kitten holds up traffic after trying to hitch free tram ride

Screengrab via Apple Daily video.

Once again fulfilling their global cat rescue mandate, firefighters yesterday saved a four-month old kitten after it tried to hitch a free ride by crawling underneath a Hong Kong tram yesterday afternoon.

One of the passengers on the tram, Ms Leung, told Apple Daily that the driver immediately stopped the tram after he saw the kitten run underneath the vehicle at De Voeux Road Central near Jubilee Street at about 3pm.

Emergency services arrived at the scene shortly afterwards and all passengers had to get off the tram.

And, luckily for feline lovers looking for a Friday dose of the warm and fuzzies, the mission to free the kitty was filmed by passersby.

Police stepped in first to try and nudge the kitten out of the vehicle using a stick and gently knocking on the walls of the tram, but it would not budge.

The newspaper reported that the cat was eventually rescued after firefighters removed a hatch on the floor of the first level of the tram.

The kitten was taken to the Society for Protection of Animals (SPCA) afterwards, where it found to be in good health.

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