15 men arrested for scalding food hawker’s face with soup and tipping over her food cart

Police arrest one of the suspects connected with an attack on a food hawker in Tseung Kwan O. Screengrab via Apple Daily video.

Police have arrested 15 men, some with triad backgrounds, over a gang attack on food hawkers in Tsueng Kwan O, which saw one female vendor’s food cart toppled and her face scalded with her own soup.

The attack took place on Monday night inside Sheung Tak Plaza where about 10 food carts had assembled to serve customers after 9pm, according to on.cc.

Appearing suddenly, a large group of men clad in dark clothing and surgical masks set upon the hawkers, flipping multiple food carts during the brazen 30-second raid.

Among those targeted was a female vendor surnamed Cheung, who was manning her spicy noodle soup broth cart with her husband and son.

During the fracas, Cheung was scalded in the face and hands with the hot and spicy noodle soup broth she was serving.

The 42-year-old’s pain and shock can be heard in a video published by on.cc showing a group of men walk away from the scene. Cheung’s sobs are audible in the background.

Police arrived at the scene shortly after the attack and Cheung was taken to hospital.

According to Sing Tao Daily, police arrested nine men on Monday night after the Sheung Tak Plaza incident was reported, and another six men last night.

The first group of men — aged 17 to 35 — were detained after police received a tip off at 10pm on Monday night that nine men were spotted acting suspiciously at Po Lam.

Police then intercepted the group, and arrested them on suspicion of possessing offensive weapons and using false instruments after they found two pairs of gloves, two knives, 2 wooden sticks, a box of face masks, and two sets of car license plates inside a private car connected to the group.

The remaining six men — aged 21 to 40 — were arrested at noon yesterday on suspicion of criminal damage.

Anti-triad officers are investigating the case, with reports suggesting at least some of the men had triad links.

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