Hong Kong startup fills a void with gifts for life’s crappiest events

Although life is full of unfortunate events, when a friend’s in need, we find ourselves armed with little more than chocolate, booze and encouraging words to help them through their 500 Days of Bummer.

Hoping to change all this is Molala – a Hong Kong-based online gift guide aimed at helping those facing a whole spectrum of downers.

Molala - Gifts for life's most unfortunate events

Meaning “out of the blue” in Cantonese, Molala aims to create the perfect cheery gift for every boo-hoo occasion, whether it’s a rough breakup, a layoff or a broken arm.

The idea for the website – headed by Chief Happiness Officer Vene Cheng, Chief Party Officer Judith Hoffmann and their “muse”, Maxim the angelic kitty – was actually inspired by a gut-wrenching, shirt-slashing incident in which a mutual friend of the founders saw her fiancé run off with the wedding planner (#fherlife).

Molala - Gifts for life's most unfortunate events

Seriously though, what could better ease that poor woman’s pain than a “Sisters Before Misters – Ring for a Cuddle” bell, or a “Love Redemption” ex voodoo doll on which to stab out her sorrows?

Sending the swine a balloon emblazoned with “It’s O-V-E-R” or “I’m happy when you fail” would probably also have felt pretty damn good.

Molala - Gifts for life's most unfortunate events

But it’s not all about bad men and breakups, as Molala encourages shoppers to celebrate their friends’ shitty work lives with the “Fucking Awesome Kit” – which reminds employees that their bosses are dumb – or their lack of work life entirely with the “FUNemployment Kit” (complete with tear-absorbing essentials).

Molala - Gifts for life's most unfortunate events

But while these gifts might be the perfect way to crack a smile on your girlfriend’s mascara-smudged face, they might also prompt a tear or two of your own when you proceed to checkout and see your total…

But who’s bothered about the cost when you’ve got tears to dry and revenge to plot? Muhahaha!

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