Float On: Sprawling 37-meter inflatable sculpture to be exhibited on Victoria Harbor

An artist’s rendering (obviously not to scale) of the upcoming Kaws “Companion” installation on Victoria Harbour. Photo via Discover Hong Kong.

Street artist/fashionista/design world darling Kaws is bringing the latest iteration of his “Companion” creation to Hong Kong in grand fashion, with an exhibition of a 37-meter inflatable sculpture of the morose, Mickey Mouse-esque character set to be floated in Victoria Harbour later this month.

It’s just like Muhammad Ali said: Float like a butterfly, sting like a commercially successful-yet-thematically ambiguous piece of modern art.

Kaws posted some shots to Instagram of a recent “inflation test” at what appears to be a Hong Kong shipyard (along with some pics of the copious amounts of merch accompanying the installation).

The sculpture will depict Companion sprawled across the water in a stance described as “reclining” by organizers (and as “corpse-like” by us).

The installation is a collaboration between the artist and AllRightsReserved, the agency behind the decidedly cheerier yellow rubber ducky floated in Hong Kong’s harbor in 2013.

This won’t be the first sculpture of Companion to visit the city, though it will certainly be the biggest. Kaws — also known as Brian Donnelly — exhibited a seven-meter “Companion” piece, complete with Companion companions, at Harbour City in 2014.

The new installation will run from March 22 — March 31, and will coincide with Hong Kong Arts Month and this year’s Art Basel exhibition. Versions of the piece were recently exhibited in Seoul and Taipei.

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