‘A Chinese Odyssey’ star Yammie Lam found dead in her HK home

Yammie Lam in “A Chinese Odyssey” PHOTO: Facebook / ScreenHK

Yammie Lam, former actress, was found dead inside her home in Stanley, Hong Kong on Saturday, Nov 3. She was 55.

According to a report by the South China Morning Post, the actress was found in her toilet with “no apparent wounds”, so they found “no suspicious cause behind her death.”

Authorities found Lam’s decomposing body after her friend came to her flat and noticed the foul odor coming. Lam’s friend also noticed that the metal gate was closed but the door was unlocked. According to the same SCMP report, Lam was last seen alive on Wednesday by her neighbor.

Lam’s career peaked in the 80’s, starring in TV series and movies. Fans remember her most from the 1995 movie series A Chinese Odyssey with comedian Stephen Chow.

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