Remembering Ming General, the sushi restaurant where dining was ironic

Wasabi jello sushi. Photo: Encyclopedia of Virtual Communities of Hong Kong
Wasabi jello sushi. Photo: Encyclopedia of Virtual Communities of Hong Kong

Ming General, a local restaurant famed for its… creative take on Japanese cuisine, has sadly closed the doors of its last remaining branch in Sha Tin after over 20 years in business.

The restaurant, which has been dubbed the creator of “hell sushi” and “killer sushi” by local netizens, gained a modicum of internet notoriety a few years ago after “bad-eating groups” posted their wacky creations online.

Some memorable plates that made the rounds on Ming General’s conveyor belt include: jello sushi (seasoned with wasabi, naturally), cola gummy sushi, pineapple sushi, beef tripe sushi, corn salad sushi, dried pork floss, and ice cream sushi.

And the comparatively “normal” sushi dishes didn’t fare much better either, with netizens describing the tuna as looking like “vomit”, with an unappealing color and texture.

Despite their food being the culinary equivalent of Russian Roulette, many speak of Ming General fondly, with netizens saying “you always remember your first cola sushi”, and “I’ll miss vomiting after a meal there”. Farewell, general. We salute you.

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