Hong Kong ‘bad-eating’ groups celebrate the unpalatable

Hongkongers are obsessed with food of every calibre, and rightly so. Famed for being a gourmet paradise, Hong Kong is an absolute treasure trove when it comes to excellent food, regardless of price or cuisine. A common saying in Hong Kong is that the ‘camera eats first’, poking fun at the fact that all of Hong Kong has seemingly made a pact to let no meal go by without taking countless photos of the food (gigantic Android phone optional).

However, instead of indulging in the city’s spoils, The Wall Street Journal reports that some Hongkongers have now taken forming groups to partake in a bizarre novelty fad called ‘bad-eating’.

The groups, casually created among friends or convened online, seek out what they consider bad food, and then talk about it endlessly.”

You know, because eating things that taste good is just too mainstream nowadays.

One of the most notorious ‘bad-eating’ spots is Ming General in Sham Shui Po, a sushi restaurant known for its ‘creative’ sushi dishes, which have been deemed so unpalatable that people have dubbed the Ming General ‘sushi challenge’ as ‘life threatening’. Essentially, if you’re not athletic, this is your chance to engage in the culinary version of an endurance test.

Warning: not recommended to those with sensitive palates or gag reflexes.

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