Hooters landlord threatens LKF restaurant with eviction, demands HK$1mil in overdue rent

Photo: Hooters Hong Kong via Facebook

Oh, how the not-so-mighty have fallen. Hooters, that semi-lurid American boobs-and-wings restaurant chain, is facing eviction a little over a year after making its overly hyped entrance on the Lan Kwai Fong strip.

According to the SCMP, Hooters’ Hong Kong landlord — property management firm Dor Fook Company Limited — filed a writ at the High Court last week, stating that the restaurant has “failed and/or refused” to pay its rent since April, despite “repeated demands and requests”.

(Looks like they’ve failed to stay abreast of their payments. Ba-dum-tsh!)

Dor Fook’s lawyers are now demanding that Hooters settle their HK$1.13 million debt, and either pay a monthly rent of over HK$371,700 for the rest of its tenancy, or vacate the premises.

In 2015, the American company said it was planning an ambitious expansion into Southeast Asia, including five stores in Hong Kong. Two years later, it appears that the chain may be joining Krispy Kreme and Sephora (at least, the brick and mortar version) in Hong Kong brand heaven.

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