4 things we bet you can’t do in Hong Kong in 32 minutes, and 1 thing we bet you can!

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Hong Kong is a city of seven million people, and seven million people trying to do the same stuff takes time.

After launching in Hong Kong in November last year, Deliveroo (the one with the cute kangaroos) has expanded its delivery zones across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon and topped up its offering of premium-casual partner restaurants to a tasty 250.

Deliveroo kangaroos in Hong Kong

And despite now also serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in a bid to keep Hong Kong’s hungry masses at bay, Deliveroo still has an average delivery time of just 32 minutes.

Here’s a video explaining exactly how this magnificent feat is achieved:



Not impressed? Let us put that timeframe into perspective for you. Here are four other things we bet you can’t do in Hong Kong in 32 minutes:

Get through the queue at the Post Office

Yay, someone sent you a parcel! Boo, there goes your lunch hour. All you want to do is hand over your little slip and collect your goodies. But, lo and behold, you’re not the only person in the 852 who had that on the agenda today. Enjoy being just a little bit farther along in that queue, and whole bit more frustrated, 32 minutes later.

Get a foot massage

Yep, Hong Kong is a reflexology haven, with skilled practitioners able to rub any bodily ailment away via the sole of your foot. And you can absolutely get a half-hour foot massage if you only have exactly 32 minutes to spare. Just make sure your journey to and from the foot massage place takes no longer than one-minute each way and there’s no-one else waiting when you arrive.

Get a taxi at 3:30pm

Your last meeting ran way over and now you’re late for your next one. Don’t worry,  you can just jump in a cab, right? WRONG! It’s 3:30pm, you numpty. Hong Kong’s taxi drivers are changing shift, and you’ve got an Uber’s chance in India of catching a red car anytime soon. Stand with your arm out for 32 minutes until 4:02pm if you like. See where that gets you.

Nip into the supermarket real quick (haha) to pick something up for dinner

You’re tired (as always) and you just want a quick, no hassle dinner. Why not pop into the supermarket on your way home from work? Probably because you’re not completely insane. If you think you’re getting in, out, home and fed in 32 minutes you are indeed completely insane.

You can, however, download the Deliveroo App, order food from your phone and have it in front of you in 32 minutes. And for the rest of March, Deliveroo has also lowered its minimum order value to HKD85 (previously HKD120) and delivery fee to HKD20 (previously HKD 30).

We rest our case.

Feeling peckish? Check out the Deliveroo Facebook and Instagram pages for inspiration, and never waste 32 minutes in Hong Kong again.

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