Watch this viral Thai short film and let the tears flow


Don’t be surprised if lately you’ve seen many of your Thai friends sharing a short film called “FOCUS“. It’s the product of a collaboration between Focus Screen Protector and Ogilvy Branded Entertainment. The cinematic short film about a photographer going blind and his ex-girlfriend, whom he met by chance, spontaneously taking him to see things for the very last time.

The film reflects the aspects of love from two different sides. One from a guy who’s going blind and realising what he has overlooked and the other from the girl who has had enough with love that wants to go blind. That gets us thinking. If your vision is not as crisp and clear as it’s supposed to be, do you feel things more deeply? The message of the film is pretty deep in our opinion, but you’ll have to see it for yourself.

What makes it so different, besides the emotional plot, is that the shots from the guy’s perspective are blurry, as if you’re seeing things through his eyes. Like you, too, are going blind. With the poignant dialogue and the message the film is communicating, it could easily make you tear up and might even provoke you to see things clearer.

The production is another topic that shouldn’t be left out of the discussion about this film. Hello Filmmaker is the production house responsible for this film and man, they did it again! The evocative  mood and tone and cinematic style is accompanied by beautiful music. This level of production really makes us feel like we’re watching a film on the big screen. Come to think of it, it kinda reminds us of the works of Wong Kar-Wai.

And there’s more. Every view will be met with a donation to help cataract patients. So every time you watch it, you’re helping restore someone’s vision. Watch the film now, then join the conversation on the Facebook page

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