Last night’s supermoon in Hong Kong, as seen on social media

Thousands of Hongkongers flocked to peaks, parks and moon-gazing parties to witness the beauty of last night’s supermoon


HK Super moon! From my walk home (hotel home) last night. #hongkong #tricarayoga #yogatravels #yoga #fallasiatour2016

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But, just in case you missed it, we’ve gathered a few photos and videos from around the interwebz of the lunar phenomenon in all its glory.

This photo proved particularly popular in the Hong Kong Landscape Photographers’ Society, but inevitably drew some accusations of Photoshop (technically, this can just be achieved by using a telephoto lens and a far-away landmark for scale, but don’t tell anyone!):

USA Today shared a livestream of the moon as it rose behind the ferris wheel at the Central Harbourfront (we’ve nicknamed it the Hong Kong Eye, but it never caught on):

One Twitter user shared this stunning photo from the Eastern District:

We’ve spotted this incredible photo all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but haven’t yet been able to find the photographer — get in touch if you know who took it!

This gorgeous photo of the moon hanging low like an especially ripe blood orange (sorry, we’re hungry) behind the ICC, taken by Kin Cheung from the Associated Press, has also been doing the rounds on social media:

Some moon chasers went a little further away from the city to get their shots, like local health food advocates Green Queen:

One member of the Landscape Photographers’ Society poked fun at moon-gazers when he uploaded this hilarious photo with the caption, “Did you guys get this”. 

Hats off to photographer Derry Ainsworth, who used a wide-angle lens (and he insists, no Photoshop, but it’s just as real as the picture above) to capture this, which kind of looks like an apocalyptic nightmare:

Is it just us, or does this remind anyone of Doctor Strange? Specifically — spoiler alert — when Strange, Mordo and Wong arrive in Hong Kong to find Dormammu about to consume our fair city.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article has been updated for clarity, because apparently our sarcasm is more subtle than we thought.


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