I am having a technical issue with COCO+ Membership registration
We’re sorry to hear that! Please send us an email at and let us know the device, operating system, and browser you are using to access Coconuts and, if possible, screenshots of the problem. We will discuss with our technical team and get back to you ASAP.

I already have a Coconuts User account. What is the difference between a User and COCO+ Member? How do I become a COCO+ Member to read unlimited content?

In short, a paid COCO+ Member (Member) account is the highest permission level of a User (User) and only Members can read unlimited content on
For many years, anyone has been able to sign up and become a User on the website, mainly for the purpose of commenting on stories. Those Users still exist and you can still sign up to be a User, but they will not be able to read unlimited content unless they upgrade to become Members.

If you are already a User and you would like to read unlimited content and get other great benefits, please follow these steps to upgrade and become a Member:
1. Log in to your Coconuts User account here:
2. Go to the COCO+ Membership sign up page here:
3. Select a Monthly or Yearly package and follow the registration procedure. Your User details will auto-fill and you can revise any details that you like.
4. Complete the COCO+ Membership registration process and your User is now a Member. You can now read unlimited content on Coconuts!
Here is a listing of the different permissions of a User versus a Member. User permissions
-Submit Events and Venues to the Coconuts Directory
-Post comments on stories on
-Save stories for reading later
-Update profile

COCO+ Member permissions
-Read unlimited content on
-Receive all other COCO+ Member benefits described here
-Post comments on stories on
-Saves stories for reading later
-Update profile

I don’t feel safe making a payment on your website.

On our website, payments for COCO+ are powered by Stripe and Paypal, two of the largest and most reputable online payment companies in the world.

We do not store or have access to any of your payment details, including your credit card information. All of that is stored with Stripe and Paypal.

You can read more about Stripe’s security policies here and Paypal’s security policies here.

But I don’t pay for content online!

Do you pay for Netflix? Do you pay for Spotify? If so, then you do actually pay for content online.

So if you’d like to read unlimited Coconuts stories, we humbly invite you to join our COCO+ Membership program. Not only will that give you unlimited access to Coconuts content, you’ll also get other cool perks like giveaways, discounts, and exclusive sneak previews of Coconuts TV videos – all for less than the cost of a movie ticket per month.
We want to develop a revenue stream directly from our audience that allows us to depend less on advertising and social media-fueled virality. Your membership fees will go towards Coconuts creating better content, and you’d be joining a community of like-minded individuals across Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.

We hope you consider joining COCO+, but regardless we thank you for your readership.
You can read more of our thoughts on the COCO+ Membership program in our announcement here.

Isn’t most of your content re-written from other sources? You guys don’t offer anything I can’t get anywhere else.

That’s not true!

With the launch of COCO+ we know that we can’t publish the same stories as other outlets. So, as part of a new editorial direction, we are prioritizing original stories at the expense of a higher volume of quicker and easier stories.

Historically, we’ve always had a mixture of totally original stories and stories with information sourced from other reports.

Even when we sourced information from other media, we always strived to create something new with commentary and voice.

Meanwhile, we’ve won three Society of Publisher in Asia awards over the past three years for our totally original reporting. You can check those stories out here, here, and here.
Additionally, all of the Coconuts TV videos that we produce are 100% original and have been licensed to leading broadcast and streaming video networks including Netflix, iflix, ABS-CBN, RTL Germany, and Fusion.

What does this mean for advertising on Coconuts?

Advertising will continue to be a key revenue stream for Coconuts and the COCO+ Membership program will only benefit our advertisers. The program will allow for a new suite of direct marketing opportunities to our members including giveaways, event sponsorships, and email newsletters.

Also, because our paywall is metered and the vast majority of our readers will never hit it, we do not expect our audience size to decrease at all.
In fact, we predict that it may increase our traffic because we will have more resources to devote to good editorial content.

How do I cancel my membership?
COCO+ Memberships can be cancelled any time.
If you have paid on our website through Stripe, visit your profile page while logged in. Click the Memberships tab and the “Cancel” link can be found on the rightmost column on the table. Please note that your membership will remain active for the period for which you have paid.

If you have paid by Paypal or through our Apple iOS or Google Android apps, please follow instructions within those platforms to cancel the recurring COCO+ payment.

How does Membership renewal work?
Your Membership will renew automatically at the end of the billing period purchased. By default your membership will renew at the same original price you paid for it, including any discount.

In the event that we change our Membership fees in the future, we will notify you by email in advance to allow ample time for potential cancelation.
If your question is not answered here, please consult our Terms of Service or drop us a line at