Transport official says he will investigate Airport Rail Link over stranded passengers

Transport officials have vowed to investigate and find the Airport Rail Link executives responsible for the incident yesterday in which hundreds of commuters were stranded inside a locked train before being forced to walk on the rail line to get to another train.

Transport deputy minister Omsin Chivapruek said he would speak to Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha to determine who was responsible for the incident yesterday where 700 commuters were locked inside a train and had to break open the emergency exits to get out, Thai PBS reported.

Some passengers had reportedly fainted as they were crammed on the crowded train with limited oxygen.

Thai PBS reported Omsin was the first government official to attend the incident, walking for two kilometers from Hua Mark station to the stranded train.

He criticised the Airport Rail Link for not sending anyone to supervise the evacuation of the passengers, leaving them stranded in the train as temperatures soared, before they walked on the rail line to get to the next train.

He said what he was told by executives of the

Airport Rail Link executives told the minister that the electric energy storage on the stranded train that is used as back up for the main power system failed to work, which meant the air ventilation system inside the train also stopped working.

Airport Rail Link earlier approved an overhaul of their nine electric trains costing THB380 million, but executives have only carried out a partial overhaul.

Omsin said he would investigate what had happened to the money, and would also propose new electric energy storage systems for the trains.

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