Year-end Review: Wackiest things that happened in Thailand this year

There are millions of reasons why we love Thailand, and one of them is the series of strange events that happen every week. This post is a tribute to everything that made us laugh, cringe and sometimes even gasp this year.

The latest occurrence is this beautiful male police officer who won the hearts of Thai people by dressing like a lady to lure bag snatchers after they had attacked many women in Nonthaburi.

Officer Vivek Kamolvibul was widely praised for his dedication to his police work and his transformation into a lady. Even his commander burst out laughing at the press conference.

2016 came with a new epidemic of toilet snakes. Somehow people all over Thailand have been greeted by serpents in their toilets, and no one seems to have figured out why.

The most severe case was a man in Chachoengsao whose penis was bitten by a python. Long story short, he was okay and was even happy to go public with the story so all men could learn a lesson from his mishap.

Social media went wild in March when a robotic T-Rex roared through the city as it was driven around in truck. Of course, this was a marketing strategy to promote a new theme park Dinosaur Planet in Phrom Pong.

But not everyone was amused, police ruled that the truck driver broke a traffic law by not attaching a red flag to the end of the dinosaur, which protruded from the back of the truck. You know…just in case motorists could not see a life-sized dinosaur robot in front of them.

In the end, T-Rex sent his buddy, a Velociraptor, to pay a fine for him at the Phaya Thai police station.

Thai people are generally superstitious, so it was totally normal when a model was “possessed” by a ghost on cue during an interview on a talk show. Or at least that’s what she said.

In an interview that garnered over three million views online, a pretty entertains the audience with her ghost story. Suddenly, a pop, a type of Thai ghost with endless hunger, supposedly possesses her and the girl turns evil.

True or not, it was an impressive performance.

Speaking of superstitions, some Thai men carry around a phallic-shaped amulet known as palad khik, with the belief that the wooden penis will enhance the man carrying it’s charm. But this temple in Bangkok’s Bang Khun Thian won the WTF contest with their bizarre flying penis sculpture.

Our question is “Why?”

Remember the flood we suffered through in June? Tourist destination such as Khaosan Road were no exception. This caused one group of hopefully intoxicated Western backpackers, who have probably never lived through a proper flood before, to excitedly swim in the disgusting waste water as Thai people laughed and took their photos.

As one netizen said, “Farangs are funny.”

Talking about farangs, a story worth an honorable mention this year is about Londoner Claire, who has impressed Thai people with her Pad Thai-making skills as a vendor on Khaosan Road. She also speaks fluent Thai in the Isaan dialect and is dating a farmer in Mukdahan.

While farangs spent their holidays swimming in nasty flood water this year, Chinese tourists enjoyed floating above fifty hungry crocodiles and feeding them with tiny pieces of meat. Well, let’s hope none of the crocs pull too hard on their lines.

This bizarre “crocodile fishing” activity was big among the Chinese until it was banned by Thai officials.

Last but not least, this story isn’t related to any theme today.

In May, we had a man in a skirt, with an eggplant, on a public van. What he did next was slid the eggplant into his rear end as a horrified commuter took a video.

That’s it. We’re done. Does anyone want leftover eggplant salad?


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