World’s worst passenger dies in Thailand

The unnamed offender as photographed by a mind-blown passenger in January. Photos: Jeff Lin / Facebook
The unnamed offender as photographed by a mind-blown passenger in January. Photos: Jeff Lin / Facebook

A morbidly obese American who bullied at least one young woman into wiping his ass will no longer be tormenting Asia’s flight attendants as he has gone to the big shitter in the sky, according to Taiwanese media.

Eva Air was certainly very sad to learn that the man who moaned with delight after goading a Taiwanese stewardess into wiping his shit four months ago died recently on Koh Samui, according to yesterday’s report.

The airline found out he’d waddled off this mortal coil upon calling the unidentified man to say “hell no” to a new reservation he’d booked.

As was widely reported in January, the 200-kilogram-plus airborne nightmare threatened to stay in the loo for the duration of the flight if one of the flight attendants – all female – didn’t personally clean his chili chute.

One flight attendant, according to travel site One Mile at a Time, put on three surgical gloves and got to work. That’s when the man began moaning and encouraging her to go “deeper! deeper!”

He then claimed that she hadn’t done a good enough job and made her wipe three more times before he was satisfied. He also made it clear throughout the ordeal that everyone present would need to see his junk.

That led to a tearful news conference in which traumatized cabin crew recounted the tale and demanded better protection from sadistic passengers.

The flight attendant wrote on Instagram that she “locked herself inside the bathroom, crying and vomiting, unable to wash away the stench of the man’s shit,” according to Shanghaiist.

The Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union said the air crew work culture is unfair as it expects them to satisfy every customer whim, like the time a Thai AirAsia stewardess was forced by a family to grovel on her knees in 2016.

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