Video of ‘stressed-out’ Anna Reese having meltdown goes viral (VIDEO)

Photo: ThaiBuffer
Photo: ThaiBuffer

Thai-British actress Anna Reese told reporters that she was “stressed out” on the night she threw a tantrum and crashed her BMW into another car in the parking lot of a Ratchada nightclub.

Huai Khwang police found 141 milligrams of alcohol in Reese’s system, which exceeds the Thai legal standards. The 30-year-old actress confessed to drunk driving while another charge of defaming officers is still under evaluation.

On midnight on Monday, Reese, 30, was detained at the police station after she got into a fight with the man she came with and started destroying property of the nightclub. She crashed into a Mitsubishi in the parking lot when she was leaving the scene.

A video of Reese yelling at the police went viral yesterday.

“I’m not guilty!” she screamed. “You used my name in Thairath! How could use my name? Huh?!” she referred to a local Thai newspaper.

In a shocking turn of events, Reese went on to give her account of the fatal car crash she caused in 2015 and for which she was later spared jail time.

“That day I was drunk and I killed a guy. I hated that so much! I hated it!”

“Anna has been through a lot. I’ve been through it all,” she screamed, as police pulled her from her BMW and assigned someone else to drive it to the station.

Reese’s relatives offered THB20,000 to bail her out. The actress told Amarin reporters that she was “stressed out” about her personal problems.

“I’ve been doing a lot. I study [for a master’s degree], and I have my family. It’s exhausting.”

“It’s all personal problems and stress. After this, I’d like to rest. Next time you see me, I hope it will be good news,” she said before walking away.

In June 2015,  Reese crashed her Mercedes into a parked police car, killing the officer inside on the motorway. Napadol Wongbandit, a 44-year-old inspector with the Suphanburi Police Department, was found dead with a cracked skull in the driver’s seat while Reese only had minor injuries.

Months later, Reese refused to pay the THB6.2 million settlement requested by the family of the victim, saying she would only pay a maximum of THB2 million. Then the parties settled on an undisclosed sum of compensation, and she was later spared jail time.

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