UPDATE: Netizens mourn loss of Thailand’s first celebrity feline ‘Asoke Cat’ after owner confirms his passing

Rest in peace dear Asoke Cat. Photo: Sanook
Rest in peace dear Asoke Cat. Photo: Sanook

After a whirlwind of misunderstanding that got half of Thailand’s internet cat lovers writing eulogies to “Asoke Cat” yesterday morning  only to find out that famous feline had not perished on Wednesday night as had been widely assumed  one of Thailand’s first celebrity cats was officially confirmed dead last night.

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The Facebook page King of Tigers, which is managed by the cat’s owner, Nutch Prasopsin, posted a live video last night showing the many fans and followers that had traveled to Noi Nok Temple Nonthaburi’s Mueang province to attend Asoke Cat’s funeral.

According to his owner, Asoke Cat took his last breath around 7:20PM yesterday. His ashes will , reportedly, be taken north and spread in Nan province.

Today, netizens flocked to social media to once more mourn the loss of the famous orange feline.

“Watching us from the cat star with Mali(his partner who died last year) aren’t ya,” wrote one Twitter user.

“You and Mali must be so happy up there on the cat star. My condolences, Nutch.”

“My condolences on the passing of Asoke Cat. We met once at a BTS station. Sleep well,” wrote another.

This Twitter user admitted to shedding a few tears while watching the live video of the cat from his death bed.

Before Asoke Cat became the kingdom’s fairest and chillest feline of internet virality, he spent his days beneath the Asoke BTS platform enjoying the heavy petting of strangers.

Asoke Cat was adopted by Nutch Prasopsin in 2013 after he lost a cat fight and needed immediate medical assistance. Through King of Tigers, Nutch quickly made him one of the most famous internet cats in Thailand with a whopping 3 million followers and likes.

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After that, Asoke began living the high life, with unlimited access to food and toys. He even landed a magazine cover with Thai superstar Araya Hargate.

In 2017, Asoke Cat launched a lingerie line along with ten of his cat celeb friends, in collaboration with Thai lingerie brand Sabina.

Asoke Cat’s phenomenal fame helped raise awareness about homeless animal issues in Thai society and spurred people to help out other animals in need.

Although pets have become more popular in Thailand, many seek to buy kennel-farmed creature from places like Chatuchak instead of adopting one of the hundreds of thousands of strays living on the streets.

Few organizations exist to help these animals, apart from the HCHC and Pet Animal Welfare Society. (PAWS) To give support visitors can buy merchandise, donate money or adopt one of the kitties at their events.

For more information about the Homeless Cat Helper Club visit their website.

On behalf of all of us here at Coconuts, rest in peace, Asoke Cat.


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