Thousands more accuse Thailand’s ‘Mama Manee’ of hustling them

One of Wanthanee ‘Dear’ Tippaveth’s ads for her ‘share’ club.
One of Wanthanee ‘Dear’ Tippaveth’s ads for her ‘share’ club.

Another 1,800 people have come forward to accuse the woman being called Mama Manee of fleecing them in a massive alleged con since the DSI publicized its investigation yesterday.

Complaints have poured in through an online complaint system since the department’s Tuesday announcement that it was building a case against self-proclaimed net idol Wanthanee “Dear” Tippaveth for allegedly bilking people in a “share” confidence scheme. And now jaws are on the floor again over how many additional accusers have emerged.

“After DSI posted about the case on its website … within one day 1,600 alleged victims registered on the website,” Justice Minister Somsak Thepsuthin said this morning at his ministry’s headquarters, in addition to hundreds more who complained in person.

Update: ‘Mama Manee’ and husband linked to massive Thai scam in court today

Mama Manee! Thai woman accused of bilking untold billions in massive scheme

“There are also about 400 alleged victims who went to the police additionally, putting the total damage of the scam at about THB432 million (about US$14 million),” he added.

That was a downward revision of the “billions” alleged yesterday. 

Somsak said cases with more than 300 potential victims and over THB100 million in damages are elevated to special status, which requires a government declaration and are afforded more resources. He said it would enable officials to sequester Wanthanee’s properties and bank accounts.

He urged all victims to officially file a complaint or else they will not receive compensation for their money lost. Officials affirmed citizens at the presser that they will not rest until Wanthanee is arrested and her possession seized. 

Despite rumored sightings, Wanthanee’s whereabouts are not publicly known.

Wanthanee’s accusers say they were invited by friends to join her online “share” club on with the promise that would see returns of up to 93% on their investment.

The scam they allege she operated was presented as a traditional system in which people contribute equal amounts into a pool that rotates payouts to one member at a time. It’s a thing people do around the world – Thais call it share.


Mama Manee! Thai woman accused of bilking untold billions in massive scheme

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